Need help achieving Mick Gordon's "DOOM Compressor" sound in Renoise

Has anyone attempted (or succeeded) at creating this type of compression in Renoise? I’ve gone as far as loading up 6 OTT’s automating multiple parameters with hydra and I’m no where close to the sound. Does anybody have any idea how this could be achieved using … well ANYTHING AT ALL … lol … I’m desperate at this point.

In theory it is easy, you just create 3 bus tracks, you add a multi-send to your track…
then you stack a buttload of compressors with insane settings.

It’s not rocket science but it’s take a lot of fine tuning so, experiment without the multiband first!

doom.xrns (646.5 KB)

THanks a lot … For the life of me, I could not get it

I got to say the compressors settings get pretty finicky after you start stacking a bunch of them…

The principle however is pretty simple : you add +15db of gain per compressor, while using a 1:infinity ratio (making it a limiter) to prevent the main part of the sound to clip. It’ll bring all the unwanted trailing noise to the front, but only when the main part of the sample starts to fade out. If you stack 3 limiter you can bring the noise floor to a very audible level, while keeping the main part of the sound somewhat intact

(try setting the attack to 0 for dirty glitchy sounds)

Then you can add a couple of hard compression (1:8 ratio or something) to squeeze the all thing and give the whole sound a more artificial/dense texture that is very suitable to the genre

As you can see in my example, the “doom” effect only kicks in when the note off command is triggered and the sound starts to decay. You can really control this effect with a lot of precision with that !

DOOM.xrdp (40.4 KB)

My take on it. 3 Dooms 1 Doofer.

DOOM Compressor is 5 Bus Compressors set to -60dB. Make-up Gain and Knee are the Macros.
DOOM Maximizer is 5 Maximizers set to -60dB.
BOOST is DOOM Maximizer but it makes up all the lost Gain.

DOOM Macro controls the Macros of the embedded Doofers. Maximum DOOM is maximum Compression (and Knee) and Gain. Minimum DOOM drops the Knee and Gain.

OUT is volume out (after all the mangling)

Whatever Setting on the DOOM Macro, any sample should become nearly a solid block in the Waveform view.

If <0dB ; =0dB (almost)

Edit: Will probably refine this.

DOOM rev1.xrdp (33.8 KB)

Edit2: Going to go for as transparent as possible on the next one. (side-note, if you have “noisy” plugins, both of the above Doofers are going to immediately make them very very very apparent)

Edit3: This one only uses Maximizers

DOOM Compressor r2.xrdp (49.1 KB)