Need Help + Looking For A French Renoiser !


I am a French Renoiser and I begined using Renoise since the version 1.9 ! I love using Renoise 2 for making music (techno, new age, ambient, soundtrack genre games/movies…). I must say that Renoise is “FT2+++” (easy-use & powerful) : sound quality, a lot of effects, Track DSPs, VST, VST(i), etc.

I composed 4 musics with Renoise (1.91+2.00+2.10) for compo on the net but I need helps, notices, critics, answers… Now, I have got more free time and I would like to re-work for all my best of techno musics from FastTracker 2 so that I can improve the sound quality (instrument, volume, effects). I would like to continue composing new musics in 2009 too :wink:

So, I need your help. I wish taking contact with other Renoisers by E-Mail or on MSN so that I can learn using correctly Renoise v2.10. In fact, I am ready to send for you a piece of my composition (in .XRNS format) and we will talk about my piece to get a VERY GOOD SOUND so that I am satisfy à 100% !

If you are a French who make music with Renoise 2 & who live near Marseille, please contact me !

Thank you & Greetings,

E-Mail+MSN :