Need Help On How To Use Guitar Rig And Renoise

I have made some googling but it seems I cannot find this answer to my question.
I am on an electronic project including a guitar and I want to record my guitar track using guitar rig on renoise… Anyone has a link that could be helpful to me?
Also, I wanted to know how I could start a pre-recorded track at a precise time?
I.E: I want to start my guitar track 60 hits later what do I need to input and where? A link for that would be appreciated I can read it.
Thanks bras!



i’m feeling sad because you ask a pretty well-formulated question and have the decency to wait for a week or so before bumping, and despite all that i cannot give you your answer because i am not familiar with this area of Renoise. i do have a suggestion though: edit your 1st post so you can edit the thread-title and change it into something more descriptive of your issue.

good luck!

Thank you sir, I have edited my topic title :)
I hope this will lure more people in it hehe :D


Hope so.

Think the unfortunate answer to the second question is that Renoise does not natively have Punch-In/Out recording. At least that’s what it sounds to be like you want with “Also, I wanted to know how I could start a pre-recorded track at a precise time? I.E: I want to start my guitar track 60 hits later what do I need to input and where?” I don’t think the API is quite fast enough (not realtime, runs on the GUI thread) to do this reliably either.

There are maybe some Tools that may be of use though. First that springs to my mind is Auto Clone Pattern (which will make copies of a looped selection of patterns so you can make repeated takes of the same piece.)
Probably other useful ones too.

And you are talking about Native Instrument Guitar Rig yeah? Not just meaning your generic guitar set-up? Not had any experience of it myself but don’t see why it should be different for recording with any other VST effect. Things like listen wet/record dry or to record wet are worth considering. Have done close to zero recording within Renoise myself but sure there are plenty of pointers on general recording if you look around.

Thank you sir!
What I meant was: Let’s say I have a large loop of 2 minutes, then I press play. It goes thru the first sequence, then goes at the second etc.
If I press stop and wanna edit per say the drum beat, I want to press play again but the 2 minute loops doesnt play anymore because it is not triggered. I wanted to know what values to input for the track to start at a particular time when I press play again… Is that what is called retrigger? I’m not sure what I should look for…

As for guitar rig, yes it’s native instrument guitar rig.
With listen wet/record dry, you think it’s possible for me to play while hearing the effects on the guitar itself? My guitar would be plugged in a fast track.

I’m not sure if my sentence makes any sense at all, I’ll try to summarize:

First here’s my rig: Guitar—>Fast Track—>Guitar Rig---->Renoise
What I want to do: Be able to record my guitar in renoise while listening to the drum beat while hearing the guitar itself with it’s effects.

Hope this is valuable information to you guys.

Cheers :D

Sounds like what you want is to enable Autoseek on a long sample.

Also the Tool I mentioned above I think will be a godsend to you if you’re not using it yet.

It depends on how much delay you can get away with having while you play. As I said I have little experience of recording myself, don’t know how stable your set-up and how low latency you generally get, nor how much is added by NI’s Guitar Rig. In theory it should be possible to at least some extent or with some amount of delay.

Great!! :D
Thank you brother!

Thanks for helping me, I wasn’t aware renoise had that feature, last time I have used it was back in 1.6

I’m not sure I get exactly what this tool does. Correct me if I’m wrong: I select a pattern to loop, then jam over it (with my guitar per say) then what happens?

You select a pattern, or multiple patterns, to loop. Then when you play the song it will copy the looped patterns automatically, paste them at the end of the song/selection (not certain which off-hand) and continue looping. I think all recording are as one sample but again not certain.

This means you can play the same section through, jamming over it again and again, then at the end select the best take. Rather than hitting record and hoping you get it perfect in one go.