Need help reading SysEx MIDI data

I have 3.5 in Floppy disks filled with MIDI sequencer data made over 20 years ago. My old MIDI disk drive no longer works and I need to get the data from the floppy disks loaded on my Windows 10 PC and then fed back into my old Alesis MMT8 sequencer, to run my Roland U20 midi keyboard.

I used to use a program called SysEx 97, but that no longer works on Windows 10. I’m looking for a program to replace the SysEx 97, and I was hoping that Renoise would work. Does anyone know if Renoise can read SysEx data from a floppy disk drive ?

Summary of the path needed

SysEx MIDI data from 3.5 inch disk loaded into Windows 10 PC
SysEX Midi data from Windows 10 PC to sequencer

Thanks for any suggestions .

Roland U20 keyboard
Alesis MMT8 sequencer
Windows 10 PC
External floppy drive with USB plug
USB to midi in / out MIDI cables to run back into the MMT8 sequencer.
Sequencer OUT cable to Roland Keyboard


I’ll check these out and let you know how it works out.
Much appreciated.