Need help with basic midi-out settings

I’ve bought 30 year old Roland Alpha Juno-2.
Basically what i want to do seems very simple: i want to create a sequence in Renoise and have it played by the juno-2.

The juno-2 is connected by a midi cable to my arturia essential 61. When i play something on the Arturia, it will play a preset of the juno-2. So far so good, but i haven’t figured out the proper midi settings. Both are at midi channel 1.

In the midi-section in Renoise: what should be my midi-out? If i select the Arturia, i will not hear the juno-2 when i play a pattern in Renoise. I can also choose ‘Arturia Midiout2’ but that also does not work either. I’m not seeing any midi-out output in the midi-section.

What am i missing here?
And is it also possible to reroute the audio back into Renoise so i can add fx to the juno-2?

How are these things connected to your computer?

Hi, sorry for the late response.
I had a midi cable from midi out on the arturia to midi-in on the juno.
But now i found out that the Arturia does not support midi tru/out that way…

I’m still looking for a solution. I also own a Roland MX1 + TR8S, a Mackie ProFX24 and have a Focusrite 4i4 as audio interface but i’m still puzzling. Or do i need a USB/MIDI hub-interface such as an ESI Midimate? What’s the proper way to connect and control a legacy synth from Renoise?

If you want to sequence directly from Renoise to Juno-2 you can use 4i4 interface for midi-out. Simply have it connected via USB, then choose your midi out as 4i4 and run the cable from 4i4 midi out to Junos midi in.

Roland gear you own is also capable of passing the midi notes through. You don’t need any extra usb to midi interfaces as you have at least 3 already.

Hi, i already bought a usb midi interface and it’s almost working the way i want.
Yes i am able to play some notes from Renoise to the alpha juno and i can hear them :slight_smile:

But i want to add some fx to the audio.
So the source must be muted and transferred to a send channel where i can add some fx.
I’ve tried it by adding #line-input and #send on track 01, but s01 is getting no signal and is silent.
Also when i render the song to disk, the wave file is silent.

So this does not seem to work (yet):

In this situation you have to run audio cable (not midi) from Juno back to your audio interface which needs to be set up as default audio input in Renoise. Then you can insert an #line-input device and it should work as expected.