Need Help With Samples :o

Hey there, i just bought renoise couple days ago, but I don’t know where I can get good samples for free, so I thought i might ask here, if someone wants to share some.

I mainly need piano, glockenspiel and violin.
I’m using some of the samples from garageband (I’m usin mac) but the piano is horrible, it will completely destroy the sound if it is pitched higher.
I guess for a proper piano sound one would need a sample for every key. Sadly I’m not that proficient with renoise yet, so maybe some nice person here could share their samples?

There are some pinned topics in the Tips and Tricks section with loads of links to free samples and plugins.

For a good free piano plugin, i could recommend the free Tascam GVI piano plugin.
I found a good glockenspiel in Plugsound Free sample plugin, but that was quite a while ago that i downloaded that plugin.

's Far as I know, GVI Piano is Windows only :confused: