Need Help....


i have 2 Problems with Renoise

  1. if i try to load a song made with ReNoise for Mac in Renoise for Windows, i get some errors telling me i don´t have the Plugins…
    i use the AU´s under OSX and VST´s under Windows, but i have them for both - Windows and OSX. is there any Script that try to load the VST if a AU is not found ?

  2. Why is Vocaloid2 not Working in Renoise ? this VST will not shown in my Plugin list but it is Installed (i can use it with FL10, but i will use it with ReNoise)

Thanx !

noone has done something like this as far as I know. also, I don’t think such a script could be done because it would not be able to load the plugin using the same setup (loaded program/patch/library) which the missing plugin had

have you tried rescanning your plugins? Also, taking a look to the log file (Help => Show the log file) could give some hints

Not at the moment. I would also like this feature as I work cross platform. The only way I’m aware to move between the two is saving/loading your presets and patches. It is time consuming, but worth it for any advantages of working cross platform (mac laptop when away from the studio, pc studio at home). Make sure you’re using the same versions on each platform, and you should have no problems.

This is a risky venture, not every plugin supports this getting a parameter chunk in the same way or order on different platforms. If the plugin supports writing down presets from within its own environment, best bet is going for that.

If you’re using a plugin which is available as Windows VST and Mac AU, then there’s a very good chance that it’s also available as Mac VST.

The solution here is to simply use the VST version on both systems. Renoise should quite happily recognise the plugin on both systems, and will be able to recall all your preset data, switch back and forth as much as you want, etc.

Me and a friend have exchanged .XRNS songs between my Windows system and his Mac system. We were each using the VST versions of the awesome TAL plugins for our respective systems, and we had no problems at all with compatibility when sending the .XRNS songs back and forth.

Thanx to your answers.

i have the VST version of all AU´s i have used on the Mac, but my BIG problem is : i don´t have a mac anymore :frowning:
my old MacPro is dead and now i use a brand new Asus N73SV notebook as my new Studio.
Seems that i have to remake all the Instruments to continue - What a pain !

BTW.: i such a feature will come in the Future, it should be beginn after a dialogbox asking to do so means: if ReNoise will crash the user was Warned about this possibility :wink: