Need new motherboard - related questions

Do oem computers generally have issues when a motherboard is replaced?

I bought a Dell back in March, and I bought the express service contract too lol…

Now it seems the motherboard was defective. They are supposedly sending a tech by with a replacement.

I think they owe me a totally new machine. I think my machine is a complete lemon

What do you think?

I keep having kernel power errors and the computer constantly flashes on and off. There remote diagnostic decided I need new motherboard.

But the dell tech was kind of a doof and mumbled “sometimes when you replace a motherboard other issue spring up”

What was he talking about and how do I argue dell owes me a new computer?

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It is possible that Windows (I assume) will think you’ve now copied it to a new machine (which, maybe sort a technically, is true).

Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change (

If the motherboard is not the same model as the old one maybe drivers will get flakey, Not sure, haven’t done this in a while.

Dell used to be good about using standard parts; that is, even machine of Model X would have the same hardware (IT folks liked them for this since all the machines should behave the same).

Not sure if this is still true

Changes in hardware could cause such issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new motherboard or new/added RAM, maybe graphic/sound card, etc. This could be the cause that a registered software/OS could detect these changes as a totally new machine which results in a deauthorisation and you have to authorize it from new.

I work professionally with computers (systems engineering) and I’ve had good results with motherboard replacements, even on servers — specifically with Dell too. I’m not saying I know that the motherboard replacement will solve your problem, but just because the board is defective, it shouldn’t mean that the rest of the system is a lemon. Personally, I would be optimistic about the motherboard replacement, especially if it’s installed professionally and free of charge. Good luck!

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And note: in some cases it doesn’t make problems to change hardware components, in other cases it could cause heavy issues like driver problems or similar. In this case it could be better to backup all important things and reinstall the OS.

I had this issue once in the past. Installed a new Mainboard and had heavy issues with Windows and had to reinstall it to solve the problems. Some years later after upgrading my machine with a new CPU, new RAM and also a new Mainboard again, all was working fine without issues and without the need of reinstalling Windows. I think it has to do how well the OS can work with the new components and their drivers…

They came by, replaced the board, the issue continues… they are calling the replacement, “dead on arrival.”

They are going to come replace the board again. I think the computer has a short inside and it is frying boards…

We will see about board #3 on Monday or Tuesday

The service tech put my elicenser and ilok back into the usb slots… this new motherboard scratched my ilok… I’m very annoyed. A lot of my ilok’s are on number “3/3” in terms of authorizations… if my ilok breaks I’ll have to email 10 or 15 different developers and ask for more unlocks

And the metal is all scratched, which is very annoying

Hi I need help upgrading my CPU right now I have an A8 7600 and it’s constantly at 100% CPU usage looking to upgrade to Am4 architecture for around 400$ any suggestions? best dancase a4 sfx louge ghost

I recently bought an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with a Gigabyte B550 DS3H MoBo for under £400, I think the CPU was 279 and the mobo 69. I went for the G as GPUs are stupid money and I needed integrated GFX at least as it was a new build. Only downside is it can only address PCIe 3.0 instead of 4.0 and is rated for 3200MHz RAM - but its quick, low wattage and the stock cooler it ships with keeps it cool under load well enough.