Need opinions/help on a track

Hello people so i have this track and need your help about the composition it self and the mix.

Do you think that the first vocals before the beat starts. are too high and should i stay at the range of the second vocals.

How is the mix sounding so far any pointers?

Do you like the lyrics?


Reminds me a bit on MARC ALMOND and I like it. I think the vocals are too loud, especially at the beginning. You could use an EQ with a sharp boost to find painful frequencies in the vocals and lower these a bit. The beat at 1:10 is great, very 80s. I would use less compression to make it sound more lively. Lyrics are fine too.
Maybe look into some MARC ALMOND stuff to compare you mix to it.

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I don’t think that the vocals are to high, i like them, but i also think they are a bit to loud. In my opinion the track sounds very “messy” and lacks dynamics, needs EQ, level adjustments, also to much Reverb/Room overall. Maybe it’s because i listen on mobile (with a ok headset), but it also sounds as if you decreased the overall quality of the audio file (maybe it was on purpose or it is the phasing effect on the pad/synth). At the end it’s personal taste.