Need Some Advice For Choosing Soft Synth

I am interested in making drum n bass, breakcore or that kind of music, and I really want to give it a try with a tracker.

  1. I’m planning on buying a synth that could be used both for pads, and fat basses (like reece), and everything i could need. I was looking at Native Instruments, I don’t know if they are good or not, and I don’t know alternative ones yet. Could you guide me through that choice ?

  2. Is there some kind of integrated mastering in Renoise ? (I was used with Reason’s integrated compressor, eq, maximizer and stereo enhancer) If not, what most people use ?

  3. I’m thinking about drum samples. How do most people get drum samples ? Free ones ? Synth-generated ones ? …

Thank you very much,
it’ll help me start because now I’m feeling a bit lost :ph34r:


If you want to buy a soft synth for basses and nice pads you should definitely try the “NI Massive” or the “Albino 3”
There are a lot of very good free soft synths though.

You can master in renoise if you’re good with the native effects.
Almost everything is on-board for this job.

There are huge amounts of free drumsounds on the internet so that won’t be a problem.
Check out the free sample topics on this board.

I’m not a gear expert, but I’ve always found that soft synths do little sounds well, like basses and such, but for crazy, textured, beautiful pads and strings I’ve found that hardware is better.

Then again, use use my hard and soft synths to about 1% of their potential. Basically presets + cutoff, and if I’m feeling adventurious maybe resonance. hahaha… maybe for that matter I shouldn’t be answering your question.

FYI – for hard leads and stabs I think the virus is still among the best synths. For a soft synth try Rob Papen’s predator. It has some very dense and cool sounds. For pads I have a Korg M3 which is really nice. For a soft synth that does nice pads you’ll have to look to other recommendations. Also worth noting is that very large chords with soft synths, combined with very complicated pads can result in popping and a lot of CPU resources. Thats my experience anyways.

I tried a lot of freeware and under 150€ synths and now I use mainly Sylenth. It is a great value for the price

The keyword is “SAMPLE”. I mean, you try to sample your CD, vinyls… I also use Drumatic 3 or Drumatic VA from E-phonic (freeware vsti)

there was a baragain AAS analog synth going for 10 bux recently. try that…

Thank you everyone for your replies.
I’ll try demo version for these synths. Anyway other opinions are welcome :)

Have a nice day

If you’re not willing to pay, i recommend synth1. Otherwise Sylenth or Helix.

ZynAddSubFX :dribble:



I’m on Mac OSX unfortunately :confused:

you could also try the last beta version of audjoo helix ( think its beta 3
Now it is commercial and it’ll cost you 100 euros …
The beta is good enough …high quality filters and morphable wavetable ( single cycled )

This one runs on OSX

Using renoise’s dsp’s and metadevices one can pull a simple synth very far inside renoise, to the extent the vst synth could really only need to bring the waveform. As renoise can control it’s parameters and the filters are already inside renoise to use any way you wish.

I also recommend Massive and Albino 3.

Hi, thanks for your answers.
Native Instruments is doing a nice promotion on their synths (absynth, massive, fm8 and reaktor) and I’ll go for one of these.
Most of you have recommended Massive, but I’m not sure about the one I’ll go for yet.
The most valuable promotion is on Reaktor 5 which makes it really affordable.

Any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance