Need Some Ears On This Bassthingy Here

Hey hello,

working on this lill breakbeat track today, but need some opinions on the rolling looped bass sample that’s playing throughout the unfinished trissle.

Since I’ve placed my cheap 80 watts hi fi speakers on top of the desk / on top of other equipment (printer / behringer gear), my whole room seems to resonate and add sounds previously unheard in the mix.

I really hate my monitoring situation and always mix with headphones on. On my headphones it sounds good, but when I switch to the speakers it sounds crap. One big muddy mess, with bassenhancement from the surrounding walls.

If some of y’all with decent monitors can check this out & tell me how the rolling bass loop sounds in your room.

btw it is supposed to sound a lill dissonant & phasing, compared to the distorted tom melody & rest.
I’ve been trying out different shit, 500409540 vst’s on the basstrack, but nothing satisfies only irritates.
I need coffee.…555trqsmpjs.mp3



Really fun track :)

I can definitely hear the bass sound but it does seem a bit off somehow, like it’s not sounding quite as rich and deep as you’d probably like it to. I’m listening on Alesis M1 Active Mk2’s. My room accoustics are less than ideal (no sound dampening in this room and computer fan noise to contend with) but it does still sound a little bit off.

What exactly do you mean when you say there’s some deliberate phasing on it?

Nice track!

Re: the bass

Try making another version of the same sample an octave lower and mix it into the original sample at half the volume, then another at 2 octaves lower and at a quarter of the volume.

Then EQ the bass like this:

~150Hz - 3dB
40-50Hz + 5dB

Then put a highpass filter (with a small amount of resonance) at about 30Hz to cut out the octaves you can’t hear when the sample is playing the lower notes, when the higher notes are played the lower octaves will ‘rise up from the swamp’.

And then maybe a multiband compressor?

Or something like that…

I usually send the bass and drums to the same compressor too, to get sidechainy type things going on, but you’re probably doing that already.

thnx for the listens guys:

What exactly do you mean when you say there’s some deliberate phasing on it?

I meant that because of the looped stereo bass sample, f**** my english vocabulary is too limited for describing what I want to say :) The amplitude energy in the sample snippit basically runs from left to the right speaker, and this is looped continuously. I like the spacial effect this creates, however space is always a problem in the bassfrequencies.

And datassette that is a quite elaborate special technique you have going there, do you have some tracks that showcase this?

“I usually send the bass and drums to the same compressor too, to get sidechainy type things going on, but you’re probably doing that already.”

actually I’m not! which compressor do you use for this?

sry for jack in.
i would recommend:

+tc native bundle -> compressor with that sidechainer (2 seperate plugs working together)
best and easiest way of doing a real sidechain-compression.

+SidekickV3 by twisted lemon - the free one

+Compadre by otiumfx

there are many many others, but these working great in renoise (for me).
please tell me ‘your best’ solution.

Hey engine thanks for the recommendations. I’ve never used sidechain compression in Renoise, always been pretty content just slapping on seperate compressors where necessary :)

In case of 2 plugins on seperate tracks working together (like with the tc ones), how would I set this up? I’ll search this forum in a minute for sidechain solutions, will be interesting to hear the result of this technique in some of my tracks with bass issues.

e.g. the compressor on track with drums, the sidechainer on track with bass. you can load up to 2 sidechaines on individual tracks and switch between them (lit. [1] and [2] button)
the sidekick3 is a bit different. your “sidechainer” is the second loaded one… the input of that first can be send via virtual channels (max.4) and you can ducking or keying it.
if you’re sidechaining mono tracks, using the waves C1-comp-SC is also cool, you just pan the key input track hard left & the track you want sidechained hard right in renoise, set the sidechain mode in the C1 to ‘L → R’ or ‘R → L’, and away you go
if you do it that way, in the C1-comp-SC, you can use the filter on the key input signal to control the sidechain as well.
for compadre, theres a tutorial on their page

EDIT: forget about c1 and compadre. needs more audio- routing capabilities.

imo the BEST would be an option for sidechaining effects via renoise mixer. but i uess that would break the
the current renoise tracker concept…
sry my denglish sux.

i got both comp-plugins, but am not able to get either one properly set up for sidechaining in renoise. i always thought true sidechaining wasn’t possible with renoise!?
would you mind to upload a little example .rns where you got both compressors (the C1 and the compadre) set up for sidechaining already?
maybe first pattern as an example for the C1 and the second one for compadre?
would be damn nice!

sorry for abusing your thread ;)

sry i use to work with tc electronics. but for c1 comp sc - you’re right it isnt sidechaining. im really sorry, i thought it could send left pan (kick) and right pan (bass) via keying to a sendtrack with c1 (like its working everywhere else). but i guess its the lack of aux ins (returns). compadre was a tip by a friend (i dont own it).
but the tutorial of otiumfx tells that you need 1 additional stereo input. you’re absolutely right. sidechaining isnt possible with these tools. only with sidekick, tc.e-compressor and pluggobus snd/rcv and pluggo dynamical.

my fault (next time ill test things before ill post, i swear)

for c1 i got it worked, but only with senderella.
for compadre its possible to compress the drums with the bass as trigger, but not otherwise (ugly noises).

hey engine, no sweat - it could’ve worked and then it would’ve ruled, so it’s been worth the while.

so for now, sidekick remains the only solution for renoisers until now.
future can only get better :)

and now, back to jonas’ tune!

“and now, back to jonas’ tune!”

ha, well forget about that tune :) this sidechaining thing is mighty interesting.
Been playing with sidekick, and this is defenitely a keeper.

if you have a question or cant find something :rolleyes: … pm me B)

harr, no I’m good :) but thanks for the offer.