Need some help with Halion

Hi !

I’d like to use Halion with Renoise but I don’t even manage to load a fxb or fxp… When I do so, nothing happens.

Does anyone know of any good tutorial on Halion ?

Thank you very much.


I think you’re using the “load fxp/fxb” ReNoise buttons.

Try this way:
Open HAlion editor, go on “chan/prog”, select a program on the right (use program1, as you will have problems in changing programs with HAlion in ReNoise), rightclick on it and choose “load program”.

Now browse for your FXP and everything should load fine.

By the way, I suggest you to try Native Instruments Kontakt, which seems to be much more simple and powerful, and moreover it uses a lot less CPU power than HAlion: I’m talking about 5 times less!

It’s also much easier in Kontakt to reduce CPU usage: just lower the number of active voices.

Kontakt reads HAlion FXP format (and AKAI, and GIGA, and SF2), so you should migrate to it with no pain (and with gain :) )

When using Kontak, you may experience a loss of dynamic range in ReNoise: if you load a program, you may notice that everything played under volume 20 can’t be heard. Don’t panic: in the Edit=>Amp section there is a velocity curve editor and a slider, which let you configure the actual velocity response.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot It-Alien !

I will try that tonight, I’m filled with great impatience :D

Can I also use Halion’s virtual guitarist and other goodies with Kontakt ?
(never tried those yet thought)

Thanks a lot for your help :yeah:

Since I’m not going to use ReNoise tonight and I’m at work now, I have to warn you that some of my advices could not be precise (some errors in menu naming, for example, may have occurred).

about Virtual Guitarist:
don’t know: i’ve never used it. give it a try

Thanks Breakthru !

Now I just need to find a good tutorial for Kontakt :D :D :D

Hey It-Alien !

Kontakt really solves my issues and it’s faaking fast and memory savy compared to Halion or Gigastudio ! Thank you very much for the great advice dude !


Is this really off topic? There should be a VST-thread… =)

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Finally Kontakt is not helpping much… :( I spoke too fast :huh:

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it’s a 1ghz Athlon… maybe that’s the problem ? :)

I’m using a p3-733 so I don’t think it is

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