Need some help with sblive! Sound Font

Hi !

I was running win98 with an Sblive! Platinum (not 5.1). when installing there was this neat little midi soft synth available. "Creative SW Softsynth’
or some like that :D
It had a natural reverb set to it. Which was pretty cool.

I started a big midi tune this way with Renoise.

Now installed winXP and re-installed my Sblive! with the approriate and newer driver. Relieved, this neat soft synth is still here. But now it’s all dry without any reverb. In the control panel options of the sblive or in the creative properties tools => impossible to add reverb only to the midi device despite it was this way under win98.

It seems reverb is not available with midi controller 91 on this soft synth.
But anyway i’m just looking for a big fat dirty reverb I could have on the overall Creative Softsynth…

If someone could help, this would be much appreciated. this is kind of an emergency !

Thanks !


I cannot help you with this question, but as a sidenote: you shouldn’t use the softsynth, but rather the SBLive synth A and B, since those uses processing power from the soundcard instead of your CPU and has better sound quality. (try them, for all I know, perhaps it works with them?)

And to get the best quality, use the largest soundfonts (8Mb).
I don’t know how to change that in XP, never use those myself.

ho shit I forgot to log in, that was me up there :)

This should be in “off topic” because, well, it’s off topic. Really has nothing to do with Renoise.

and it pisses you off, right ? :D

Ho cool, the topic has been moved so I guess it won’t bug anyone anymore now B)

So can someone please help me with this matter ?


Yeah I was filled with rage! I was about to bust my monitor apart from anger!

:lol: :P

Glad you calmed down man :D

Now if someone has an idea so I can make everyone enjoy my beautiful midi tune :lol:

I’m thinking of buying a Audigy 2 platinum EX, has anyone tested it with renoise ? They promess very low ASIO latency and stunning sound quality… Plus, all the connections make me drool !

remember that connections are of no use if you don’t have anything in the other end of the cable…

Don’t worry I have a few gears to connect.