Need Volunteers to try my BigBloomer VSTi demo

I just got a bit hooked on synthedit yesterday and made a small synth based on my BigBloomer xrns. I tried to keep the essence of it and try and see if it still produces cymbal like sounds. It does that fairly ok, made a preset for it, but there are endless ways to shape it further.

Supersaw sounds a bit duller in the VSTi than the real version, but it also has some extra features that the original doesn’t have, like delay and a filter. You may also choose between mono and poly.

It’s in demo mode only, because i haven’t purchased Synthedit yet. Not shure if i will buy it because it seems a bit outdated and i think there is a new version on the way. Even though it’s ugly with DEMO written across it, it is still fully functional.

Here’s the link:

Just unzip it in your VST plugin folder.

Anyone tried it yet?

What i wonder is if it’s worth to release this properly, if there are bugs or if there are improvements i should take a look at.

I’m no professional synthmaker and can’t even code a line, so it’s never going to be something amazingly awesome i guess. I’m aiming more for some more unusual stuff, but simplicity and usefulness. The question is: is this useful or is it a waste of time?

I gave it a quick try. The layout was a bit confusing. Dunno if that was intentional but there were many faders simply labeled as "knob"s. So I couldn’t get too deep with it. Some of the presets sounded interesting but that’s as far as I got really :smiley:

I gave it a quick try. The layout was a bit confusing. Dunno if that was intentional but there were many faders simply labeled as "knob"s. So I couldn’t get too deep with it. Some of the presets sounded interesting but that’s as far as I got really :smiley:

That is very weird because i got the same problem that the GUI had disappeared and all that was left was unlabeled sliders. Now it works perfectly on my compter so i have no idea what the problem is, though i have a hunch it might work after restarting Renoise, at least that worked for me.

Thanks for trying it out, it’s useless without a gui, so it’s good to know that it doesn’t work properly. :smiley:

This is how it’s supposed to look like:


Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what it does. The filter is a bit unusual though, as i didn’t find a better soution for a filter sweep i used the attack and decay of a adsr module, it’s mislabeled and the wrong way around though, up is down and down is up.

Not shure if i have made the thing as efficient as possible though, it might have been a better idea to split/duplicate the signal from one oscillator instead of using a lot 11 oscillators in parallell?

Here’s a short demo of the presets:

Same for me, no GUI, just sliders. But…

…no, it’s not. Label the controls right and everything is fine. Try these plugins/x64, are they useless? The sound matters, not the GUI…at least not at all. :wink:

Maybe that’s the reason for the hight CPU hug with some presets. :smiley:

I didn’t mean no gui is useless in general, but this vst is useless with no gui because of the unlabeled sliders. I have no clue how to lable them correctly, so therefore it’s useless. :wink:

The cpu would probably be a bit high splitting the signal too, i might save some, but It still has 11 parallel processes going on at the same time, so with polyphony on you double this for every additional note in the chord.

Did you try to restart Renoise after the plugin showed up with no gui? It works on both my computers now, so i can’t figure out what the problem is…

Thanks for checking it out!

That is definately weird, may i have mixed up the versions perhaps? Here’s the one i use on both my computers and it works here:

Just to make shure: you noticed that it had an extra folder in addition to the dll? I still think the graphics should be inside the dll because of its large size and the files in the folder seem too small to contain the graphics and i think the are just some of the modules i used.

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

I noticed now that the CPU behaviour of this synth is really weird, it rises in CPU after every key is released and just stays at a high CPU.

I have decided that his project will be put on ice, but if any of you find use of it as it is then feel free to use it however you like. I’m not taking any responsibility to what it does or don’t do, so use at own risk.

Still no GUI. You may right, i’m not sure if ResHack “see” the graphics if they are embedded in a special way of some kind. You can use just the *.dll. After starting the plugin, a folder (BigBloomer) will be created which contains the the *.SEM files.

I also had this behavior one time yesterday, but forgot to mention it.

Some years ago i also “played” with SynthEdit, but never came up with a synth/project that was worth to spend much time on and i quickly lost the interest on it. I’ve also had some fun with Reaktor, but there are so many talented developers out there and already so many synths/effects to explore…i’ll leave it to them. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i think i’ll stick to the xrni’s instead, they are a lot more useful to me anyway. :slight_smile: