Need Your Help

Hi guys.
At my country was started Dj Parad. But i play hardcore it is not popular at my country.
I cant winn without your help.
i have created instruction for ya. and if you can put this link to instruction in other forums.

maybe you think that i am leecher and i do very bad. Maybe but what to do when some guys dont know how to mix? dont want buy music? they are f… mp3 djs.

Hmm, this reminds me about the eurovision song contest, where it seems like it is more important to have good friends and neighbors rather than to make good music ;) To be honest, why compete with your music when you know that your music isn’t very popular with the targeted audience? If you still want to compete, why not making a song that target the audience of the compotition rather than competing with a song that nobody in the audience will like even if you win (by “cheating”) or not…?

ok i will try to answer.

  1. I want take part only in this contest.
  2. Country will listen this music yes in next contest i will lose and i know it. But my mission is to be hearded.
  3. Example one of other member vote for him self he dont be a good dj my level is better that him.
    i will never create music that i cant love. i play for myself, write for myself.
    it is my opinions