Negative Editstep

My first ever suggestion, and I’m proud of it because it is simple but effective.

I would like to be able to use negative numbers in the editstep setting, these negative numbers would move the cursor up instead of moving it down. It would mostly be usefull with effect commands that are progressingly rising or descending, when you know the exact value at which you want it to stop (I don’t know if I explained it properly, I sometimes have trouble to explain these things correctly.)

Anyway, I hope you get the idea and I hope this small but interesting feature makes his way to the next version of Renoise.

Nice one! Especially with a shortcut to toggle positive/negative (+4 becomes -4 etc)!

The shortcut (modifyer key) that would change the direction seems okay, arbritrary values will eventually not be very useful since you manually have to adjust these values anyway. There is no real workflow enhancement.

Also thought about the pattern-jump offset shortcuts? (F9-F12)
When having to jump forward or backward into various parts in the pattern editor, these keys are inevitable.

Yeah, the F9 - F12 keys are those I used to most. They sure are effective, but when you deal with longer patterns, I still feel the need of negative edit steps.

I really like your idea Johann (btw we share our first name).

i think having the pattern go completely backwards based on a modifier might be better. and also a backwards play button or effect column command to make a pattern ping pong or go backwards. call it “ping pong pattern!” imagine that going through a pattern till the end then back through the pattern in reverse essentially playing the patterns backwards but the notes standard to parameters, would need some type of break or hold command i think. this would be greatly confusing to some. would be EXCELLENT for the arranger.

i think it sounds cool - i imagine it would be ace for mad stuittering drum edits (like pressing the up arrow repeatedly whilst playing a sliced break)

Only Imagine?

it looks kaleidescopic at points!
now_That_is a history lesson Vvoois! :)

wow…im a noob so excuse me if this is a stupid question…but HOW THE HELL did you/whoever made that video do that? is that just using effect commands? aside from the fact it looked crazy, i liked the tune as well

I downloaded the MOD file (the link is on the youtube page in the description).

The mod didn’t work in Renoise :( Worked great in Milkytracker though. :) Cool to see in action.


pray tell?

I’d definitely use this for typing pattern command sweeps ‘backwards’, good idea.

I agree though, that there should just be a +/- toggle rather than allowing the editstep number to go below zero.

The reason: I usually select editstep by dragging the mouse over the number, and I can simply drag the mouse down real quick and know it will always ‘snap’ to zero. With negative numbers it would become a much more fiddly affair to get back to zero… If you see what I mean…

backward / forward looping of pattern bits, like in that posted video would be very cool. Opens up a wealth of experimentation possibilities. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this in Renoise.

This is not a bad idea. At least doesn’t kill anyone.


this could be nice for some weird effects and stuff+1