Negative Track Delay & Signalfollower Strangeness

Something strange is going on with the Signal Follower in combination with the Automation Device and negative Track Delay… See this pattern:

It contains 3 tracks:

  • some beat feeding a signal follower
  • a bassline made with a VST - one parameter of the VST is automated with the signal follower from the first track
  • an empty track with track delay enabled

This is made with the Nekobee VST, which you might not have, so I made an MP3:

The strange thing is: If I set the track delay in the empty track to a negative value, the automation sounds out of sync. The automation seems to lag behind. This is what you hear at the beginning of the MP3. When I switch the track delay back to a positive value, everything sounds fine (near end of mp3).

This only seems to happen with the signal follower -> automation device -> VST combo. Replacing the VST with a different one didn’t fix it. Signal follower -> filter parameter seems to work ok.

Running Linux, as always (Ubuntu 9.10).

The thing is: You are not delaying that one track, you are delaying all the other tracks respectively. The signal follower probably gets the chance to respond to the signal before Renoise delays the output stream of the track, so the delay probably have to be applied at the beginning of the audio-chain rather than at the end to fix this (if that is possible).

Yay, theres something fishy going on, but I don’t know what exactly yet.
Will take a deeper look at this later. Thanks for reporting this jk123.

[bump] found out anything about this?