Negligent Audiophile

Ok, this track is super wide, lots of stereo content, I recommend listening with headphones.


Night time driving perhaps.

Intro melody makes me think of Hero’s Quest.

Fun pattern fx in the middle.

Interesting clippy crunchy fade out at the end.

The parts blend well.

I am still new to Renoise. I am wondering if there might be more you can do to mix it?

How did you go about doing levels, mastering with this song (if you don’t mind sharing)?

For levels I just got everything in the general vicinity of “you can hear everything”. For mastering, I put a cab sim on the master track to make it sound worse and then used a maximizer just to delete the remaining headroom. The idea of this particular song, like another I madebefore, was to make it sound as terrible as possible, but still sound kinda cool. To that end, single cycle waveforms were used for everything but the drums, and all samples were bit reduced to 8 bit 11025 hz. On top of that, more lofi mats, cab sims, and distortion on individual tracks, and of course the final cab sim on the master.

You can download the entire xrns here. It’s 81KB.