Nelly Furtado Say It Right (sunmix)

here is it nelly furtado say it right (sunmix), hope you’ll enjoy !
comments welcome :drummer:

clip added :

Graet :w00t:

I am a fan of Furtado und i like the work of timbaland much.

Your remix is a smooth rework. Decent and clear in his way.

Thx for this



absolutely awesome, moods, her voice… wow


yeh booh hiss ok, but it’s not related to my mix is it ? i even cut out timbaland singing ! so !

yea its alright. i like. :) tho’ shimberland + co. suck arse. ;)

Your mix was a little more demoscene-ish, so I guess the circle closes. :) It is a shame though that you had to beat all the dynamics out of it with that level of compression/mastering. The digital domain has lots of headroom, make use of it! ;)

tho when i listen with my faithful headphone, a sennheiser 650 no less, i can hear every crisp and click, so it’s not that “compressed” i think.

you need a better stereo ! ;)

I cant believe! What a rip off! ![:)]( Guy heard Commodore 64 melody and sampled, didnt know where it came from :)

About Nelly rmx: nice song-mix :) Keep it goin’ :)

Agree on the compression, but its a really slick remix.

Nice one brotha.

I like what I hear. Concerning the technical aspects of this song (Fx, compression) I cannot say anything while listening to this piece on speakers at work.

Like I said, I like what I hear. That speaks FOR your track.

that is what matters :)