Network Drive Handling

Here is the case.
I have all my work (hopefully) safely on a 2-drive server to prevent data loss.

My drives spin down after some time when they are not used to save power and lenghten the lifetime of the HDD’s.

When this happens I cannot access them directly from renoise.
I have to go to my computer and click them to make them spin up first.
than the driveletter reappears.
even if I press the 1,2,3 and 4 buttons with the stored paths it doesn’t work.

So my question is, can this handling be altered?

Not from within Renoise. But how is the caching write and read ahead being done on those drives?
(somewhere in the drive properties you may find something like that, or in the driver properties)
I bet it is mickeysoft again…
I have a similar problem on my pc… one of my drives does not spin up when i get my pc out of hibernation mode and i actually have to do a hardware rescan to get my drive back.
(it happens to be the drive i have my songs on as well ;)

It’s called an external USB drive (externally powered)…