Network Support .


Network support in renoise, to share project with not in place musicians, and work together on the same project in the same time like OhmStudio!

Or a simple chat in renoise, ti create chat with another mates…?


give a look at the chat tool.

the scripting engine does also support network (via http protocol), but since there is no realtime capability, this won’t help sharing audio data but only notes data, provided that someone will code the appropriate tool

I thought the thread was bigger but there is also this discussion on networked collaboration.

Maybe some ideas for anybody who has the time and skill to think making a tool for it…

that is IRC, and i dont want to chat all of the group in a same time, no private room there… end so on,

You need to combine Lua networking and OSC to get such stuff from the ground.
And currently it is pretty hard to do multi-way realtime collaboration with Lua or OSc. Renoise is currently quite one-way oriented.
You can do some stuff, but you won’t get much further than generic stop and playing stuff and perhaps shooting off some notes into someone elses pattern.
I had a funny idea to put some kind of note playing sequence joke into the IRC script that you could fire up with a /command.
But never did that so far.