Network Synchronisation

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sync two or more instances of Renoise running on several networked computers?

Let’s say there are three people on stage, jamming along in Renoise, performing live. Instead of having everything on one computer (and musician), one of them is controlling the drums, the other does melodies, or whatever setup feels good for you. Using the same BPM isn’t a problem, but it might be difficult to have them all started at precisely the same moment, and even if there’s only a slight difference, the drums might clash with the rest of the track and feel out of sync. Not to mention speed changes within songs.

Now, if one computer would act as master and all others would run as slaves, one of them could control the tempo and the others wouldn’t have to worry about it and could instead concentrate on their music. To make sure nothing goes wrong, you might even disable certain features or keyboard shortcuts on the slave computers or even the master itself - you probably don’t want to accidentally start from the pattern’s start position during your performance just because you hit the wrong keys.

Tried MIDI Yoke combined with the VSTNedMID suite? (Using Toby Bear’s Net2Mid & Mid2Net from the midibag)
It is not the most perfect solution but you at least get an idea of what you can do.…ng-for-renoise/