Networked Midi Osx >>>> Vista

Howya Renoise Gurus…

Has anybody figured a (free) method to midisync from leopard osx to vista, my friend has the mac (no,thats not a disease) and runs logic, i would love to sync it to my Renoise on vista. It would be great to sync logic to my resolume as well. we have a gig soon with videos synced up to the backing tracks from logic. I have checked the demo version of “midioverlan”, but it seems way overpriced!!!

Any insight would be most appreciated!!! :drummer:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple, where they even can trade your toilet turl for massive gold…

There is not much for Mac either that does not require you to leave your wallet in your pocket…
Whatever exists is pretty outdated but perhaps useful:

Although i picked this up somewhere on the net:

On PC there is a free gadget MIDI2net, i have no idea if it can talk to the Mac variant though.

I wish I had a programming hat that I could don!!! Seems the company is no longer in business…maybe it could be something that the intelligent and Godly Renoise programmers could incorporate natively in the future. Now that would be a boon:)

I have found it though from another hosting site…So no-else needs to look,here it is>>>>>…mac&id=2312

Maybe this could work with the midi utility in MidiOx on vista. Il update my findings once both computers are in the same room…
Thanks for the help