Would be cool to see this feature in future versions of renoise. Being able to collab across the net using renoise. I believe fruity have this feature. As for how to pull this off. Maybe a feature in one of the menus. I.e. under preferences in the Misc tab, you could configure the networking options like, ways of managing the same project by exchanging files. Having a choice of where to store data (i.e. on the desktop or if they are using the same OS (windows/mac), in a folder). Other stuff like being able to communicate instead of using Aim or MSN. Kinda like a chat thing but just for Renoise users. And no restrictions on how many people can collab on the same project. Being able to upload the file from either a dedicated server or from the user(s) machine, then the other can download it and make changes and re upload it. The only real problem with this is vst compatibility issues. Especially if the people are using different OS’s. Though if indeed they do have the same vst’s, it would be cool to be able to save the project file containing the vst’s .fxp files.

Just some thoughts.

What do you guys think?

I already spend to much time on the internet instead of tracking finished songs! + never used this function in madtracker, tho I guess for collabs it coud be cool if you’d be able to listen to work in progress tracks.