Neuheim - Kobolt

Hello! This is my first post on this forum, but i have been following it for some time.
Everything is samples apart from two synth instances of the freebie minimoog V.
C&C welcome!

I saw that Burt Reynolds movie! Very awesome…

That’s Tom Selleck, not Burt Reynolds!

Has few good moments, but sounds like not finished project without the song structure…

otherwise keep workin :)

very witty, but of course zardoz was Burt Reynolds. Why would you give tom the credit, even as a joke?

Cause it was a joke!

I really like the sound selection and atmousphere you’ve created. The really wet parts are nice but I admit that I was yerning for the mix to dry up and resolve into a tighter tech house style groove. But that was just my hope. Yourfinal product is a little more laid back and thats cool too. Overall…really nice first post.

Thanks! I don’t want to turn it in to tech-house though.

Fair enough…good stuff as is

when the snare comes in the groove really starts to make sense. very nice atmosphere, starting to get into stuff thats kinda similar too. followed!