Neuro... No Neuro album pre-release on Audiobulb Records

Brand new pre-release! All tracks are brand new material under my moniker Neuro… No Neuro. All tracks made in Renoise. Mastered by Autistici and on the label Audiobulb Records!



This is some seriously nice work, reminds me of Kiln - Flycatcher, & Xela - Afraid of Monsters.

I really like the percussion on “Enjoy the Magnetic Embrace”. Was it all sequenced manually note for note or was it sequenced and then some inclusion of randomisation applied?

Thanks @anon81231982! I appreciate your kind words.

Well, the percussion begins as a set of rhythms each on their own track - usually an odd number of steps. I set the initial song pattern to one track, adding bits here and there, filling out all of the songs parts.

After a little bit of listening to the loop, I’ll start adding MaYbe commands to parts of the clicks, and sometimes the melodic parts as well. Usually between Y95 and Y99. Sometimes Rxy, and definitely Cxy. Just enough to offer small variation.

At the beginning and ending of key tracks and patterns, I’ll enter in fills or tonal parts to move the track along. The hard part is really just finding and mixing each instrument’s spot. So I do input every note into the base patterns, but yep, small randomization does help out a bit. Kinda/sorta like I’m a Max/MSP programmer. Influences include Ryoji Ikeda, Autechre, Hirota i, and I really try very much to sound like what I would make in the 2020 Semi-modular Beat Machine using Renoise. I have almost ALL the capabilities less some of the particular granular/time stretching/FM effects. I can get damn close, though! :grinning:

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