Neuro... No Neuro - Glittering Lines [abstract/granular]

Starting to get the hang of Renoise and all of its intricacies! I LOVE this DAW!!! After creating this track, I ended up using Apple Motion to create a pretty little video to set to the track.

Glittering Lines

n i c e stuff dude
fancy sharing the xrns? asking for a friend

edit: regarding your comment on the vid about renoise having “that max sound”, i’d say in general the whole 00s “idm/glitch” type stuff is very indebted to the sound of people intricately messing around with trackers. until dblue glitch came around i guess (not hating btw).

Robin, Thanks for the kind words! Sorry, I won’t be sharing the .xrns - I’m going to be using the track for production work! :smiley:

alright, no problem :smiley: