Neuro... No Neuro - Neoplasticity - short clip

Another short video of the @martblek tools “Almost Drums” and “Harmoniks”. This time with an actual screen recording of Renoise. Fun way to work!


Very "HIFI’ sound

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Thanks, @T-ger - this is the lo-fi version - the actual mastered sound is much crisper once I run it through my mastering tools. It’s a ton of fun working in this new style, giving more drum/glitches/percussion to my older method(s) of composition.

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Make it wider

one instance on left ,and one on right

  • 1 semitone , - 1semitone

With “Stereo expander” you can control the width of the result (but less HIFI because of cycling “out of phase”,as you merge 2 too similars signal on the same speaker…in the absolute)


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@T-ger the master is a LOT wider :smiley: I’m not playing it here. Just wanted to show the Tools by @martblek

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Good stuff! Looking forward to an album in this style :fire:

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