Neuro... No Neuro - Wait! - Singles

Worked(ing) on new lowercase/microsound tracks -
Wait! - Singles


I find these little microsounds so relaxing, its like i am out of this earth and then inside a machine, strange stuff happening when i hear them and you are one of a kind artist.

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Thank you - well said! :slightly_smiling_face:

Lovely stuff. I like the aliasing on the bell sound. Gives it a nice texture. The dynamic range of microsound music remains impressive.

On a side note, it is fun to see that Audiobulb Records is still around. Have a number of their CD releases from like 15(?) years ago or so in a box somewhere.

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I’m pleased you were able to give the music a listen! I even went out of the way to boost the levels of these tracks to a much louder volume. I’ve noticed that microsound music, if following the rules to a ‘T’, can be easily ignored - it’s beautiful, but very quiet. I’m really happy that you took the time to listen and noticed the textural effects.

Audiobulb has been VERY helpful in getting my works noticed and just recently celebrated their 100th album release with a 2-hour mix (they picked the tracks, I made the animations/videos, and mixed it all together - had about a weekend turnover). The profits of that are going towards a charity “These Walls Must Fall” - further info here:

Audiobulb is definitely a great label, very interesting artists, and some killer software as well (check out ‘Ambient’). Really cool stuff, mostly for M4L and PC.

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