New 1212m Slows Down Renoise Visuals

Hi there guys,

I just bought a EMU 1212m soundcard. Somehow this soundcard is slowing down my Renoise visuals, which i’ve never seen before I had this soundcard.
the trackscopes are a lot less responsive to the sound than normal and sometimes even the pattern centerbar (whats the name?) lags behind. When I disable the pattern centerbar follower, problems are a lot less (or gone).

I find it hard to believe the following of the pattern is so cpu heavy for my computer, although it’s a 8 year old 1750mhz single core AMD. I’m not sure my new soundcard causes this problem, but I can’t think of anything else, because nothing was wron before I installed it.

  • yes I disabled my crappy onboard soundcard in the Bios
  • I use the most recent drivers and patchmix from emu’s website.
  • there seem to be no hardware conflicts
  • videocard is also onboard, i think 32mb with ability to use some normal pc memory
  • I tried disabling the GUI and GFX effects in GUI menu

So, I havent got a clue what the problem is. Hope someone can help!

At which buffer size, latency is the EMU running? the bigger the sound card latency the less frequent updates you will get for the track scopes & pattern and so on.

Also try switching from/to Direct Sound/ASIO if possible.

I was running at 10ms and tried higher latencies, without success.

And it really seems to be the pattern follower. when i go to the mixer (so you cant see the pattern itself), visuals are ok.

I’ll try directsound to.

thanks for the help taktik!