New Acoustic Song

I haven’t done much acoustically, and it has been a while since I really worked on anything solo-wise. Sorry it’s not a Renoise song, but this is currently what I’m doing, solo-wise…

I like the chord progression, reminds me of bossanova. Great quality too and a nice skat solo there.

I’m tempted to make a loop out of the first 14 seconds and built a track around it.

beautiful voice, man!

This is a great take. Put this with some weird element like some tense hanging evolving pad or something and you’ve got a little gem.

Thanks. :)

I totally picture a bossa-nova rhythm being played to this, and I can picture a nice bassline going with this. As far as a different arrangement, I’d love to see if The Mercury Rising would be willing to stretch and do a song like this–I could add some pads onto that kind of arrangement really easily.

loving your unique style as always, kizzume. nice mohawk too buddy!