New ALBUM - Older

Hello guys,

After a bit of work I was able to put together an album of 8 (9) tracks, you can check it here, I would be glad for any feedback you can offer :slight_smile:

Some tracks can be pretty similar, others are more original, so I hope you can find some you like! Download available for free at (lossless formats as well)

Great work, Outstander! I mostly love “We Are Older”, “The Horse Flu” and “Heavy Lifting”. I think You have beaten most of today’s commercial artists, at least those who make music themselves. I wish that Your album is successful and gets lots of downloads since it really deserves recognition. Cheers BrainClaim

Thanks, however, it’s not that good :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, after a while I’m beginning to notice some mistakes and bad parts. :slight_smile: