New album on Audiobulb, tomorrow, March 10th

All Renoise, all handmade, no algorithms- I present “Object Models”!


What a way to start the day! @EatMe :smiley: Thanks for this, I think it is accurate, and am happy you spent the time to listen to it.

Sweet beeps and blips for relaxation .Great job once again but on track Fractured Relaxation something funny is going on, maybe a phasing issue or are my ears playing tricks on me again?

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Nope, everything is intentional. Extreme panning and lots of weird sounds, all hand-crafted to be ‘incorrect’.


congrats on the album release! :beers: :badteethslayer:
great stuff!

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Thank you!

Magic, as always.

It’s like a soundtrack from a lucid dream.

And turn your notifications off when you’re relaxing, for god’s sake. :wink:

Edit: for obviousness

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Thanks for checking it out! :smiley: relax? What is “relax”? :joy: