New Album Oneirophrenia Released--freakin' FINALLY!

Hey, folks–just wanted to let y’all know that my new album, Oneirophrenia, which I’ve been working on for the past three years–though it feels like ten years–is finally freakin’ DONE and available for streaming and download! Check it out:

It’s free to download, of course…but I left the option of putting a buck or two in my “tip jar” if you like–but don’t feel obligated. All I really care about is folks listening to my work and enjoying it.

The entire album was composed and mixed in Renoise, of course. :yeah:/> It’s a kinda/sorta tribute album to sample-heavy '80s and ‘90s industrial by my musical idols: Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and Xorcist. If you dig weird, hallucinatory soundscapes wrapped around head-noddin’ beats and laced with audio samples from everything from obscure early-'90s cyberpunk B-movies to Terence McKenna babbling about aliens, then…chances are you’ll dig this!

Feedback is all-important to me–it’s the only way one can really grow as an artist–so, by all means, let me know what you think! Negative feedback is just as constructive as positive feedback, so don’t be afraid to give me advice on how to make better music: I LOVE that stuff.

Also, the album is released under a fairly standard Creative Commonz Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license, so send it to your friends, burn it to random blank CDs and leave the CDs in bus stations and coffeeshops, sample the hell out of it, remix the hell out of it…shit, do whatever you like with it! Unless you want to use any of the tracks as, say, background music for films or anything of that nature–at which point all y’all need to do is email me and we’ll make it happen! It won’t cost you a dime, unless you want to hook me up with some cash, which I promise I won’t insult you by turning the offer down. :D/>

OK, that’s it! Enjoy!