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all of the ‘rock tracks’ have a low shelf with ‘resonance peak’ at 100hz/200hz for drums/bass respectively. vocals expand the q of a 'notch filter at 480hz on the guitar track. the guitar has either a ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’ ‘cut’ (‘notch’) at 200hz. vocals are low shelved at around 300hz, and have a cut at around 2.8khz, and are high shelved just below 10k.

all guitar tracks on the ‘rock’ songs emply lecto ampsim by lepou/poulin. the exception is ouroboros, which uses lextac (all of the considerable track automation was previously done with lextac, before i decided to switch to lecto for the project).

medusa2 is the bassline vsti on the rock tracks.

‘all tracks’ have on their mixbus: filter/buzmaxi3/sixty-five compressor. for the ‘non-rock’ (‘no perc’) pieces, the filter is typically a bandpass. for the ‘rock’ pieces, the filter is a low shelf at 80hz.

mda piano was ‘crackling’ all over the place, so several pieces which were written for piano - and which had originally used mda piano - now employ other vstis instead. ‘exercise’ and ‘accidental minuet’ yet use mda piano, and walter & walter uses piano one vsti (neither here nor there, but w&w was never a ‘piano song’ per se to begin with).

anyway, about the tracks:

sonata in c minor: this was written on manuscript paper sometime in the mid '80s. mda piano was crackling a bit, so it was replaced with medusa2 vsti here.

princess singer ft. tray diablo: this one has dual guitars. it’s a song about the singer, touch sunnix from cambodia. for this album; new vocals, new guitars.

spring fever: this is another manuscript from the '80s. this one uses basic64 vsti.

rhymes with holy ft. bill ray: this one is about aleister crowley. all of the lyrics were written prior to watching the movie, ‘chemical wedding’. most everything (except lines such as ‘sky diver’ or ‘river kwai’) were taken from what i ‘knew’ of crowley’s life. whilst watching ‘chemical wedding’, it dawned on me that bruce dickenson must have purused many of the same source materials which i had; because so many of these lyrics are referenced in that movie. anyway, ‘rhymes with holy’ is kind of a reference to ‘mr. crowley’ by ozzy; where ozzy goes ‘ow’ instead of ‘oh’. dr. phibes organ on the intro/outro here. the guitar part is new for this album.

yoni: uses jb ferox for a bit of tape sound. the vsti is flex-n-stein from fred wilkinson.

strumpet ft. unreal: it not clear whether the earlier mix from the ‘mutation’ album could have been improved, but nonetheless i gave it a go.

accidental minuet: another manuscripted piece from the '80s. unlike most of my manuscripts; back in the day, i could actually play this in real time on the piano. this one uses mda piano.

how do you like it, ft. alex beroza: originally recorded for 2012 5090; remixed here to be made ‘heavier’.

exercise: another 80’s manuscript. this one features mda piano.

dollhouse ft. loops: take the television show ‘dollhouse’ and mix it with memories of musings from websites such as dave mcgowan’s ‘center for an informed america’, and in particular his ‘laurel canyon’ series. the hook is, ‘in the dollhouse, summer glau is gonna show us how the time is never now’. dollhouse is probably my favorite tv show ever; even more than buffy. (well, maybe not as much as breaking bad, but we’re getting into apples and oranges now.) it’s not clear whether this song will ‘do anything for anyone else’, but i can just sit there and listen to the entire 12+ minutes.

freak world: the intro from an earlier song, ‘freak world’, only this time using synth1 vsti.

teacup turning ft. wired ant: although there is a later, more polished version of this called ‘turning’, the rawness of this one appealed to me; so it was remixed for this album. the outro now has arguru voyager vsti, instead of the previous famisynth. having never really tried voyager before, this one was massively impressive (freebie or not). arguru was a great developer.

go off and love me ft. unreal: a brand new song for this album!

ouroboros ft. bill ray: re-done for this album. the intro begins at around 70bpm, and speeds up until the piece is going at around 110bpm. the guitar uses all 3 channels - yellow, blue, red, and blue again - of lextac.

raven: this uses a ‘guitar instrument’ for renoise that i once created. the first part is more manuscript music from the '80s; and uses tapeworm and meltron vstis. in contrast with the original (from 2012 fawm), some ‘boring bits’ were cut out.

rosemary’s baby ft. bill ray: what do you get when you combine rosemary’s baby with blues riffs? guitar part is brand new for this remix.

walter and walter: this one is about walters bishop and white. piano one has a ‘feature’ where it doesn’t play consecutive identical notes without an intervening note-off. the sequence from the original (written for a kvr one synth contest for zebralette) had some repeated notes, and i didn’t ‘fix’ all of them, so the overall effect might have given this some interesting rhythms not heard in the original osc entry.

midnight sun ft. urmymuse: inspired by switchblade symphony. hopefully it’s got a ‘big sound’. takes the guitar progression for ‘raven witch woman’ and goes in ‘another direction’.

romantique frantique: a mostly redux of the opening song, piano sonata in c minor; this one with blooo vsti.

I want to make suggestions, but I’d rather say I hope you carry on and make more music. I like your overall style.