New Aleksi Perala ' Astrobotnia Part 00 '

great ,part 1,2,3, were pure awesomness , now this

thx for pointer.

Just been listening to his back catalogue on the rephlex website. Had no Idea how influential and ahead of the curve he was. Great stuff!

I discoverd him when the astrobotnia part 1.2.3. came out …from that moment I was hooked …
This guy really is up there with the big ones , check out his first ovuca releases and hear the insanity, then realize that it was made on an roland xp 80 and an mpc 2000( I had an xp 80 =rompler workstation from tthe 90’s but never manageged to get near those sounds he created ) .
It seems that the now released part 'astrobotnia 'was also created in 2002 but is now released for the first time
BOOMblaster lp and mental union …you must check for sure …
also project V

I’ve listened to all of them, Wasted Sunday is going in my everyday pile! The new Rephlex website rocks that way! The organic sounds he has sculpted have just reminded me of where I want my music to head; to my head. Great stuff.
You know I only just relistened to Aphex twin Drukqs for the first time in ages, remembered this was why I started liking electronic music. Must remind myself of that more often…
Here’s a gem from the rephlex back catalog
Vulva happy birdy sad birdy