New Beat Slice Feature Question

If I load a drum loop into the sample editor and sync it to… say 64 lines, is there a way to make slice points retain the same pitch up/down adjustments, so they match the pich and speed of the full loop? If not, I think there should be such an option.

do a forum search before posting a question. has been asked a dozen times. you are talking about timestretching. it’s not possible, and unclear if it will be in the future.

Next to the Sync settings you’ll see a button with a “T” on it. Clicking this button will automatically set the Transpose and Finetune values so that the sample’s base note will have the correct pitch to match the Sync setting.

It’s best if you use this function before you slice the loop, since any slices you create after that point will automatically inherit the correct tuning from the original sample. But if you’ve already sliced the loop then it’s still possible, so don’t worry.

To apply the settings after you’ve sliced the loop, you need to select all samples in the slice list, in first to last order, and then hit the “T” button. It needs to be first to last so that the tuning will be based on the first/original sample, instead of being based on an individual slice.

Method 1: Left-click the first sample in the list to select it. Scroll to the end of the list. Hold down your [LShift] key and left-click the last sample in the list. Hit the “T” button.

Method 2: Middle-click the first sample in the list, which will select it and give keyboard focus to the list itself. Use the keybinding [LCtrl] + [A] to select all. Hit the “T” button.

Method 3: (If you like to waste time) Select the first sample in the list. Hold down your [LCtrl] key and select all other slices in the list, one by one, from top to bottom. Hit the “T” button.

1915 renoise-sync-tuning.png

hmm, seeing your answer makes me wonder: did i misunderstand the question?

Rhowaldt: Yes, you misunderstood. I was asking the question which corresponds to dblue’s answer. I did spend about 20 minutes sifting through the forums before asking. I know we can’t yet timestretch. Although, isn’t there a tool that works with 2.6 for timestretching? I am pretty sure I downloaded such a thing, but didn’t play with it before 2.7 dropped, so now I will just wait for the developer’s update to be compatible with 2.7.

dBlue: You rock. That is exactly what I needed to know. I also realized after asking, that I can achieve the same thing if I sync the loop and then cut it up the old fashioned way, with 09xx commands. It retains the pitch that way too, it seems. If your answer was a repeat from a previous thread, I apologize. Thanks for hooking me up.

i’m sorry for my rash reply then. the 2.6 tool you’re talking about is RubberBand. glad you got your answer!

No worries man. I understand. Yep, rubberband. Never tried it. I am sure I’ll give it a whirl if a 2.7 compatible update comes out.

Actually. if you highlight all the slices (as in dblues picture) you can manual change the Transpose and Finetune in one shot. It works very well and is quick and painless.
How do you know what the correct Transpose and Finetune is ? Press the T button on the main loop, it will adjust the sliders to the correct placement.

Just a note that you can’t scroll by using the mouse wheel as this changes selected sample, rather than just scrolls through the list, you have to use the scroll bar at the side. It would be nice if you could use Shift+Mouse-wheel or similar…

There are now two of them and I believe both compatible with 2.7. Rubberband, as mentioned by Rhowaldt, and one called Akaizer, which isn’t meant to be as high quality but for that oldschool feel may be worth checking out.