New bogdan Raczynski album is amazing

Wasn’t even aware he released a new lp
Damn it’s great and imho notice else like it , will buy the lp soon

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hey bogdan, reverb much?

True , but that doesn’t make it a lesser album

samurai math beats is peak bogdan raczynski for me

will give this a listen, tho :upside_down_face:

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Firing up the streaming service then - let’s see how it stacks up against these:

EDIT after listening: If it wasn’t for the artist name, I wouldn’t go past track 2… Looks like Bogdan fell into modular-synth setup trap, where it’s often very fun to jam about and experiment, but the output of that jamming is not fun to listen to at all. I dont find that album to be very different from various people messing about with modular on youtube - similar random plinks and plonks with simple drum machine beats. I won’t be coming back to this album and if you’re around track 2 and don’t like it - don’t waste your time, it’s all the same till the end.

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Yeah S.M.B and all right ! are my favourites but also really liking the new album …tis mellow with punchy 808 kicks