New Breakcore Track

The opening track on my new album will be a breakcore track I made with Renoise, please let me know what you think:

[Enduser - Endya2 (atomly remix)](

And you can check out the whole record here:

atomly :: music : releases : atmq0203

Wow, that was indeed a LOT of DRUMS!!!
Never heard this type of music before, it’s almost like… jungle-core hehe
It’d probably sound better with a melody to go with it tho :) i dunno


ohmm… not exactly my type of music (so, you might say I’m way off my turf here…), and with that in mind… it sure is a melee of sound… bombardment.
doesn’t have to be negative though… it kind of left me with a dark, chilly, empty feeling…
but, now to my humble opinion (which has very little to do with type of music or composing)
I think you need to clean up the mix and strip off some reverb here and there… it’s way too boomy!

I liked your track, even if this isn’t my favourite kind of music. I loved the drums, they sound crazy but never disturbing… They made me think about Squarepusher (electronic music’s lovers: listen to his “Untitled”…). I think that sometimes you should “regularize” the drums, without too many snares and heavy kicks, only to let the song “open”, but as I told you, I’m not an expert of this genre, so maybe I’m wrong--------

:drummer: Great track!! :drummer:

I am an avid fan of this type of techco.

The rules are a little different with breakcore.

Think of hardcore meets breakbeats.

Usually incredibly chopped up breaks. The nastier the sound the better!

You can go for clarity, IE Squarepusher, but Tom is not breakcore in the
least. Some of his drum patterns could easily make their way into
a breakcore song, but it’s missing other elements.

This is a very nice breakcore song.

Breakcore doesn’t have to be clear and prestine to be appreciated. Much
of the music produced is heavily distorted beyond belief.

Check out and check out my breakcore
song “Real Hard”. I created it about 6+ years ago with FT2. Dirty ass
samples. Public seems to enjoy. If you are into that sort of thing.


Thank you Trepain… :) I told you…I’m not an expert of breackcore (I’d better to say I’m not an expert of music…- :blink: ), but now I know which are the main characteristics of this genre.

Anyway… Let’s say that some “open” pattern would make the song sound more…ehm… “original”, not in the typical breakcore schemes… maybe I’m saying something REALLY stupid (because of my ignorance about music…), but I don’t understand why a song must be exactly like a pre-defined scheme…

:drummer: See you!! :drummer:

Breakcore is a strange animal. Like noise/noisecore, etc.

I think it is best compared to abstract art. Either you like
it or you don’t.

Someone might hear what they consider drum sounds that
sound terrible while the next person may appreciate the
programming and marvel at it.

The rules for making it are not like what is involved with
traditional music.

I wish I could convey my thoughts concerning this subject
more clearly.

You might want to goto Check out the music
of Sickboy. The music links are at the very bottom right hand side
of the site.

It’s an entire site dedicated to breakcore,noise, etc. Some GREAT songs
on there if you have some time to kill.