New co-op track (cyrex & cosmiq)

Hi people,

a new Renoise track by cyrex & cosmiq, created for the demoparty Outline 2012.

Enjoy :)



:yeah: DUBSTEEEEEP! :drummer:


like those parts without dubstep elements…sigh

I’m usually not too interested in Dubstep, but here are enough melodic variations in it.
You got to watch though people are slowly starting to get sick of the generic DS stuff.

But. 1st place?
Nah, not fair - this is way above the generic stuff IMHO ;)

It’s awesome! Very powerful, but not too stupid like some brostep shit.

Awesome track guys! Congratz on the W :)

The results are available at:

Took a while :)

Excellent sounds, beautiful loud mix! Did you use synths/VSTs or just Renoise instruments?

Thanks :)
We used mostly HW synths and a couple of samples for this particular track. Lots of Virus TI, Virus B, JP8000, and tiny bit of Machinedrum :)