New Collaboration And Track!

I started a little hiphop-based project called stirus.

You can check out our first track here:
stirus - Absolution

Sounds really good, not that I’m much into hiphop, but it reminds me of a remix of logic - american household by her space holiday I found on the web a few years ago, but I can’t find it anymore.

Lovely mixing. I guess those MLK samples are free of copyright? I find the dark echo world this track lives in fairly irresistible, especially the very distant pads. Have to listen a few more times to get my head around the lyrics.

Thanks dby and Foo? for checking it out!

@foo: The MLK is from a vinyl record of some of his speeches I picked up. While the speech itself may have fallen into the public domain, the recording itself I’m not sure about.

Would you be interested in me posting the lyrics?

Always. :)