New Competition?

To celebrate the release of 1.5, why not start a new competition like the Beat Battle type?

You could give away free copies to the winner(s), I wouldn’t need one myself because I’ve only owned a registered copy since 2.81 which will keep me going for a while but I think it’s a good idea. :)

Oh yeah, have you guys thought about press releases etc when 1.5 is released?
Music mags, websites, I’m talking serious spammage here - let the world know that Renoise exists! :D

I doubt that some of them really care if Renoise exists, simply because it’s a tracker. Some prejudice runs deep…and they don’t change easily.

Of course, FM mentioned it when talking about one of our esteemed users here, and there was that review…so that may change. Maybe.

what’s your blood-type? Be Negative? :P

Point taken. ;)

I forgot to take my optimism tablets this morning, obviously… :D

Try the herb of St. John’s wort if you require cheap optimism tablets.
And i mean cheap since they caused me being overjoyed bout the death of my mother in law and caused my divorce with my wife.

Actually… that’s the best ever happened to me :D

have I missed something or do you have a special relationships with the “devs from the future”?
Version 2.81… now… :o :D :lol:


this may be true (and that’s a pity) but nurturing that attitude is plain wrong… nothing will ever change if you hide in a hole…

As far as reviews in magazines on Renoise:

It can happen. Computer Music (or future music) in the U.K. (and distributed in America) did a review of Madtracker 2 about 2 years back.
Will Renoise ever be excepted as ‘mainstream’ ?? Who knows, but it’d be great to have more music coming out that’s made with Renoise. Problems that a new user would have:

  1. The learning curve - rns does come with a few demo songs for people to be able to learn the program, but should include a few instruments in the instruments directory and a few templates like fruity loops comes with, then links so people can download new instruments, songs…ect
    Thats a big obstacle because I had ScreamTracker 3 for years and just played with other people’s songs until I got into using it on my own.

  2. The community - Renoise has the best community, a great web page where users can talk ask ask questions, and even a beginers page, but like I said before everyone in my city uses Reason or Fruity Loops, so I wouldn’t have started tracking if it wasn’t for a guy I know from school who uploaded me ST3 back in BBS days (remeber those?).

  3. Media - if Renoise could get into Future Music ( that would be enough exposure to quadruple the amount of registered users. Its a worldwide magazine. So spam them (i didn’t say that!)

i don’t know. Its up to us users to promot the Program and up to the developers to create a great program.


vvoois> the herb of St. John’s wort

ooh wouldn’t recommend that. :) Its a big Raver thing where I’m from, and even my mom has some.
I took it once in college, big mistake. it made me be emotional to my girlfriend. :lol:

Well, at least they supposed to be less harmfull than cocaine and heroine, but they seem to have the same kind of sideeffects to relatives :huh:
If it solves the problem, then it’s usefull but if you like your family… leave them alone.

Anyways, another link to a magazine distributed from the U.K. and in america (and all throughout europa) is Computer Music

now it’d be interesting to have an article in there about Renoise if anyone would like to write them they will put an article about Renoise.

Now maybe we want to keep renoise a secret. (what good would that do?) <_<

I think they should wait doing PR untill pianoroll is done, the effect will be greater i believe. Also it’ll probably be harder to get magazines to review it again once pianoroll is in… i can’t believe how many uses this form of making music :blink:

But once the PR starts, bang the drums in the name of fast tracking.

Oops, I mean 1.281 or whatever the current version is. :P