New Compilation Commercial I've Just Finished

I am currently in the process of putting a compilation album together to commemorate my best friend (was also half of my record label owner) who passed away a few weeks ago… I just finished the following radio commercial that is to be aired a couple of weeks before the album is going to be released (in about two or three months)- I would appeciate any feedback and suggestions on how to make the commercial any better if possible

Also If anybody was enticed enough by the commercial and is interested in purchasing a hard copy or mp3 download when the album is out, then leave a response and I will update this with a link so people may make an order.

Sorry to spam- but I’m a little guy trying to get this album out and need help and input as well.

EDIT: the voice over was of course recorded in another program (cubase), but put together in renoise!!- handy for everything.

Sounds interesting, some mp3 snippets would be nice. :)

yeah, it’s kinda hard to put those in the commercial under 45 seconds, but they are in there (small segments of mutilated breaks when the contributing artists are mentioned)… but as I get closer to releasing the project, the sight that will be hosting the mp3’s and order forms will have some good sized snips of tracks.
Thanks for the feedback!


anybody else have any feedback or advice? I could really use it- especially for things like mixing or anything that stands out that could be fixed…

I think it sounds great. I have never heard a commercial that had anything to do with such hard electronic music.

I think the snippets you used were rough as hell and captured the essence of the sound. The only name I recognized was Enducer, but thats ok. I know his stuff is fairly insane and I plan on purchasing this when it’s available so please post that link for purchasing.

One point I’d make, the commercial didnt have the subliminal effect of making me remember the name of the name of the album straight away, first thing that sprung to mind was a time stretched or gapped instance of the word “outbreaks” at the end as it was fading out, so that people only have to hear the commercial once to remember the name…unless you’re going for a full on radio campaign, in which case it would probably work just fine.

yeah- I didn’t think of that- I was trying to add something at the beginning that would do something to that effect… I think it’s smart to put something in there that would kinda burn the album name into their head so they know what to ask for at the shop. this is also good, because I found out from one of the radio stations who are airing it that I would have to either extend the commercial to exactly one minute or cut it back to 30 seconds- so this idea fits the bill for multiple good reasons. Thanks for the idea!

Yeah- most of the names on the commercial are local artist who were directly involved with working with us, and the guys like enduser were kind enough to let me use some tracks. Cyrus rex is currently skinny puppies programmer (D R Geotell fill in for their last album and the new one that is about to come out.) He was kind enough to put some cold hard cash into the memorial fund and is doing a remix for me. He also gave us some of the live projector footage that puppy didn’t use in their last tour (I guess they have their limits- some pretty nasty images such as president bush’s face masked onto a chick getting a pearl necklace porn style- shit like that). I’m getting alot of good support in this- I have this guy named thomas st james mastering the whole album for free- he had the privelege of making recording for audio engineering society of America of Edison’s first phonogram- he had to make the first and only digital rerecording of the first recorded and played back sound in history (edison singing mary had a little lamb)- so I’m pretty honoured by this. Anyhow- yes, like I said I’ll post a link for orders and downloads once the project is finished… thanks guys!