New compo with interesting criteria

You can create a production in any sub-genre of “Electronic Music”. Doesn’t matter if it’s Techno, Trance, Electronica, Chiptunes, Synthwave, Drum and Bass, Electro-Industrial / Electronic Body Music, Ambient Electronic, Chill-Out/Lo-Fi, etc. As long as you make music, and have a great time while doing so. My only request is, that you focus more on “electronic instruments”. Meaning: maybe check out a synthesizer you haven’t used before.

“I want you to hold on to that feeling. That sense of awe you felt the first time you used that particular tool, all the positive experience you’ve had after breaking through initial frustration. The sense of of achievement after random happy accidents. This is what this month’s Songwriting Competition will be about.”

That basically is my comfort zone, that’s the problem. I’m normally setting myself homework to work out how to do X with Y- as even with quite a small set of gear and sequencers there are so many permutations possible.