New Computer [musing]

Ordered a Razer Blade Stealth with the 4K display. This little guy is great! $1699.99USD (on sale $300USD off right now). Surprisingly good battery life. Renoise runs great on this rig. As does Reaper. I used the “Artificial Bell” builint instrument as a benchmark, as this instrument uses an insane amount of CPU on all of my older rigs. On my Core2 QX9300 overclocked to 2.8GHz, that instrument will cause 100% CPU usage if you play anything complex with it. On this rig it maxes out at around 30% CPU usage. The display is beautiful. I’m looking forward to doing some “untethered” sound design, courtesy of this little beast.

All in all I’d have to say I can recommend this unit to anyone looking for something portable with decent power and minimalist aesthetics.

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Are you using an audio interface with this?

Not currently.

Thanks. And is the screen comfortably big enough for the Renoise GUI?

I got the 4K model (3840x2160), so yes. I actually have more screen real estate than with my other rig (1920x1200).

Edit: I should add that I have 200% scaling active, so I think Renoise would be fine on one of the 1080p Stealth models.

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