New computer: some vsts not found by old songs


i got a new computer. Now when i load old songs into renoise, a few vst are not found when loading. I guess that is as the .dll file is, when installed on the new computer, named slightly different, e.g. due to a new version of the vst, etc. What is the appropriate procedure to do now? I guess renaming the .dll file could lead to further trouble with the vst. I do not want to loose the parameter settings of those vsts. I searched for a topic like this but could not find.
Thank you!

EDIT: fyi: i am currently on renoise 3.3.2 if that makes any difference…


It doesn’t matter which Renoise version you’re using. If you’ve installed new versions of your VSTs but you’ve used old versions in your old tracks they’ll never show up. The only thing you can do to run your old songs is to install the same versions of your VSTs you’ve used in these songs. And maybe you have to uninstall the new versions of these VSTs to get the old versions work.

Hello TNT,

thank you for the info.
I just thought there might be an opportunity to define an alias or something, if the necessary parameter are all the same.