New COOL Renoise Song

New COOL Renoise Song called No Illama Music S-550 from the upcoming Album Hey where did my Roland Fanss Indonesia Friend Go?´
Really COOL Mix with extra COOL Bass so you can hear extra much here and there

And of course as always free 4 download right here

Get it NOW and download as many copies as you want and give them away

They are free and lots and lots and lots and lots and it is GOOD 4 you and COOL too!

Get your copy NOW!!! !!! ! ! !!! !!yeah now ! !!! its good 4 you!!! NOw11!!!yeybnow 4 yo1!..:…goNOillamaMusicS-550.xrns (2.8 MB)

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Whether this is a true homage to the sample seeker, or a joke - I am amused. :slight_smile:

That being said, why is it necessary to have Roland samples to make this type of music? Wouldn’t free samples of the General MIDI sort work just as well - Soundblaster is just giving them away from all the soundcards…

Thanks Neuro… No Neuro I’m glad you liked it and I don’t know its just stuff but to answer your question the answer to your question is `Yes´ but I can be and is tricky. You can change the file you downloaded maybe add FX we can make a REMIX COMPETITION YES REMIX COMPETITION YAI. Then I can have everybody remix MY track and I get to decide who wins

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Or I can just sit around here at the Renoise Forum and wait for something to happen

But there are also other options

@Sajmund I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I would rather just work on my own music at this juncture. I thought you were poking fun at the person who keeps asking for Roland samples day after day. That is funny to me, because it’s a very odd request. There’s plenty of instrument samples that are far better. And they are free, and they don’t need to be stripped from a soundcard that goes into an older Roland keyboard.

Why keep asking for samples and nobody’s responding? One could argue that maybe they should STOP asking after a week’s worth of begging :slight_smile: Also, what an odd place to bombard with requests for samples. That stuff is so old!

I will say, I hope you have fun requesting a remix of your work! At least you have a good humor about all of this!

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Maybe Neuro, but still okay for a lot of folk. As for running LPB 32, well not for me. Taking just a couple of those samples I still prefer to try and quickly write a plain melody that’s more ordered.


That’s fine by me, I’m commenting on the surge of new accounts being made recently that only ask for samples. Have you seen those? I’m asking kindly, as it’s not something I see often here. I’m not talking about sample quality, except to state that if someone is making this effort to keep joining with a fresh new account only to ask for samples, get flagged, make a new account and repeat… They’d be better off finding a different set of samples and getting back to composing. Their repeated actions are odd to me.


I’ve seen. Why they would spend their time spamming any forum I have no idea. Maybe it is because writing music is tedious and difficult (it is for me anyway) got nothing else do, I don’t know Neuro.

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By the way, I really am enjoying the sound of this - that bass drum has a ‘sticky’ like glue sound that I enjoy, and the synths are nice and round.

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Thanks, if someone else in the world likes my little bit of music Neuro, I’m a happy fellow :slight_smile: (Chances are it needs more though (don’t they always), but I’m fairly pleased with the basics of it for only 2-3 days work from no musical idea at all.)

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