NEW Cyberpunk/Darksynth album "Future Begins"

Hello producer friends

I just released a new darksynth/cyberpunk album ‘FUTURE BEGINS’ last night :crazy_face:

Every song was composed, mixed and mastered in Renoise, a few was mastered in Cakewalk tho

Criticism and questions are very welcome, I want to improve and help


not really my cup of tea aesthetically, but to each their own, and it’s clear as day you know your way around a tracker! mixes sound really big and clean. Nice work, mate, and congratulations on the album release! :clinking_glasses: :fireworks: :tada:

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Ok, if it sounds like this when you compose while using a limiter in your master channel at the same time you can continue with the procedure as usual. I like the mixes. :slightly_smiling_face:

You was asking what style you made here and well, there are several ones. I would label the whole album as “Electronic” or as I prefer to write “Elektronik”. But the tracks within that album are different in its style.
Electronic - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11, 12
Synthwave - 8, 10
Electro House - 4, 7
Darksynth - 9

My favorite is “Integrity Devolved”. Second best for me is “Off-World Colonies”, which is a mixture of Amiga scene music and Electronic and to be honest it also has something of the Modern Talking sound. :wink:

I wonder why you released your album only on streaming platforms. It can’t be bought, right?
Anyway, I will spread this here and there. Maybe you’ll get some more fans.

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Thank you, that’s dynamite info :+1:

Well that was certainly not my goal to have this many genres in the same album, I also tried promote it as “Cyberpunk” in various FB Cyberpunk groups which they seem to accept it. I will consider just labelling my music Electronic.

I am an old-school C64/Amiga scener :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I released it through CDBABY so I imagine it can be bought quite a few places but I have only seen it for purchase on Amazon Music (Spain) so far, no idea why it’s not showing up in other worldwide Amazon.

I’d appreciate that, it’s hard to promote this stuff… I’ll probably try Submithub, post in more FB groups and make some Facebook/Instagram Ads.
If you want to collab some day do let me know, I love your stuff.

Well I guess “Cyberpunk” will also do the job. You can also label most of the “Electronic” tracks as “Cyberpunk”. But “Cyberpunk” actually is just another subgenre of Synthwave, just like “Outrun”. I would label track 8 and 10 as “Cyberpunk”. If you’re interested in Cyberpunk, Darksynth and stuff like that, I can recommend this YT channel. I use to label everything in between of several electronic music styles or something you can’t clearly assign to a specific genre as “Electronic”, because actually it’s the general category of any electronic music style there is.

I don’t know, I just know it’s also not on BC, not on beatport and not on junodownload.

You’ll probably reach more people than me if you do this, yes. I’m neither on any social media like FB, Instagram or else nor very active on SC, but I can post your link in several online communities with “like potential” for your stuff. :wink:

Could be interesting, I never had a collab in terms of composing :grin:
Just let me know how you picture this, then we can go for it. I’d bet the result would be “Electronic”.

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While searching for ways to promote music I came across the idea to collaborate and it makes sense as you get in front of double the audience essentially (edit: maybe not double as mine is still small), but let’s try make something cool together which I’m sure we will and see where it takes us.

I hope you are on PC and we have some common instruments. I’ll PM you later with a list of my plugins and suggestion how we can make this work.

I guess I can just sign up on BC and Junodownload, but I believe with Beatport you need to find a distributor that can get you there which not many can.

Thank you, I tried my best and learned a lot :smiley:

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I just uploaded it to BC, that was quick and easy.