New D&b / Drumstep / Adventure / Hybrid.. Remix, Thingie!

Hey, new tune by me, released yesterday by norwegian label Nordic Records.
All renoise, of course!

Appreciate if you have the time to check it out
Worked a lot on this, and on the master, so feels good to finally let it go ^_^


also available here, together with the rest of the tracks on the single:
and soon on beatport, hopefully…

Thanks for checking it out guys!

if interested, here’s another remix I did for the same artist a while back (house)

Nice remix

gentle bump
thanks for checking it out ERC!

Sweeeet! Never heard the original but this sounds pretty tight. At 2:33 I hear the bass that Vivace made in his demosong ‘Jong Belegen’, am I right? :lol:

Don’t know the original either, but this sounds great. Good production value, interesting to listen to, thumbs up :)

It’s not my style of music. It sounds produced with much care though, nice production!

thanks for checking it out guys, and for the feedback!

haha, wow! :D Well, actually, I didn’t know it was that obvious… I used the Belegen bass as a starting point, and then started turning knobs, effects and stuff… maybe I simply tweaked a little too much back and forth, and didn’t realize I ended up so close to the starting point.
heheee, hope Vivace doesn’t mind :rolleyes: