New downtempo track


The track has a nice ambience, but feels unfinished so could really use some more twists. I guess this is what i feel i would add or change to give it the finished chill-out touch:

Adding subtle melodic textures (reverberated arpeggiated sequences) at the beginning and a couple throughout the song here and there (add some chill-out breaks and add these textures there)
Make the hihat track a little more subtle, set the ride hats a lot more subtle.
reverberate some of the snares and kicks (creating break sections)
Add more lead variations in the sequence. (you add only one near the end and frankly, the repetition makes it getting old very quickly as well.)

These are just coming from my inspiration yet, i have no full idea what your real intentions are with this song, so feel free to embrace or reject the suggestions.

Thanks a lot for the pointers! All very much embraced - it’s very useful to have detailed feedback like this. Now I listen to the track again I’d have to say that it seems the hats and rides really do need toning down. Somehow didn’t notice it before. I’ll also see what I can do about re-structuring the track around some “twists”. Once again - many thanks for the feedback. Hugely appreciated!

This is beautiful! I love the way it’s mixed. This is the kind of tune I want to hear and try to make, so it’s nice to come on here and find it all done.